2011 Institutional Investors

 2011 Institutional Investors

Survey: Institutional Investors to Move to Hedge Funds in 2011

Hedge funds have had an impressive recovery after the trials of the financial crisis. While the industry recovered better than most, managers still are working to bring more money to their funds. According to a recent Preqin survey, hedge funds can expect to win a good number of institutional mandates next year, which is more encouraging news for the industry.
It has been a tough few years for the hedgies, with many funds claims of non-existent correlation to other asset classes blown apart by the GFC.

Many institutions were scarred by the experience of being stuck in underperforming strategies after many funds were forced to halt redemptions in the face of widespread withdrawals.

The subsequent backlash forced many funds to heed the call from investors and, two years on, they now look set to reap the benefits of providing greater transparency and liquidity.

"Hedge fund managers have had to make changes to the ways they structure and market thier funds, not only to win back confidence from existing investors, but also to attract new investors," researcher Preqin said in a report released this week. Source

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