Equity Hedge Funds Returns

Equity Hedge Funds Returns

Equity Hedge Funds Lead September Industry Gains

As we previously reported, hedge funds gained 3.7% as all strategies were positive in September. According to the The Bloomberg Aggregate Hedge Fund Index shows that equity hedge funds led the gains in September.
The Bloomberg Aggregate Hedge Fund Index itself surged into the black last month and is now up 2.6% on the year. With U.S. stocks enjoying their best September in more than 70 years, long-bias equity funds led the way with a 6% return (2.5% year-to-date).

Surprisingly, short-bias funds weren't far behind with a 4.9% return (4.4% YTD). Most hedge fund index families showed short hedge funds taking a beating, with many down by double-digits both on the month and year.

Emerging market equities also did well, adding 5.3% on the month (9.1% YTD). Equity fundamental market-neutral placed in September with a 5.2% return, but it wasn't enough to erase the strategy's 2010 loss, which now stands at 4.1%. It is the only strategy index in the red on the year. Source

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