Number of Asia-Focused Hedge Funds

Asia-Focused Hedge Funds

Number of Asia-Focused Hedge Fund Hits New Peak in July

Hedge funds focused in Asia hit a record high in the month of July 2010. The number of Asia-focused hedge funds was 1,278 in July, higher than the previous peak of 1,240 in 2007.
The number of hedge funds investing in Asia hit a record high of 1,278 in July, Singapore-based fund tracker Eurekahedge said on Wednesday, as new funds look to raise their exposure to Asia's fast-growing economies.

This compares with around 1,200 funds in existence at the end of 2009 and exceeds the previous peak of 1,240 in 2007.

Hedge funds have been making a beeline for Asia, attracted by strong economic growth and lighter regulation in Singapore and Hong Kong at a time when Western countries are looking to tighten control of hedge funds following the financial crisis.

"The 125 Asian hedge fund launches in the first seven months of the year represent a return to the healthy growth seen before 2008," Eurekahedge said in a report.

It said the rise was a result of growing interest in Asia as well as the ease in setting up hedge funds in the region compared to several years ago. Source

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