Hedge Fund Marijuana

Hedge Fund Marijuana

Hedge Fund Executive Arrested for "Complex" Pot Farm

I thought I would start this short week with an amusing story that has come out about a Connecticut hedge fund, New Stream Capital, and the arrest of its head of investor relations. Tara Bryson and her boyfriend recently received a grant from the state government to set up a goat farm. Instead, the two built a farm to grow marijuana. 

The couple has denied the charges, but for Ms. Bryson's employer this is just another problem in a rough year fraught with disappointing returns, lawsuits and a possible SEC investigation. It's even harder for the hedge fund to distance itself from the case because Tara Bryson is actually the brother of David Bryson, the firm's co-founder.  One of my favorite headlines so far, "Hedge-Fund Executive Exploring Other Growth Opportunities".

Sign of the times? An executive at a billion-dollar Connecticut hedge fund was arrested on felony charges of allegedly running a huge year-round pot farm inside her home. But her boyfriend says the cops have it wrong, that they’re goat farmers, not dope farmers.

Tara Bryson, 36, is the sister of David Bryson, co-founder of Ridgefield, CT-based New Stream Capital. She heads investor relations for the $1 billion asset-backed lending fund that charges high rates to loan distressed companies money. At one time or another, well-known clients including Veronica Hearst, Elizabeth Taylor and Kathy Ireland used the firm to help fund real estate and business deals.

Bryson was arrested by the Connecticut State Police in Newtown on July 9th for three felonies: possession of marijuana, cultivation of marijuana, and conspiracy to cultivate marijuana. She plead not guilty, was released on $25,000 bail, and returned to work with investors at New Stream. Source

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