Carlyle Group Hedge Funds

Carlyle Group Hedge Funds

Carlyle Group Looks to Add Hedge Fund Investments

Carlyle Group is considering buying a large stake in a hedge fund manager. This is seen as an attempt by Carlyle Group to add more liquid investments to balance the much larger private equity investments. Carlyle Group, the second largest private equity firm, is reportedly negotiating with several hedge fund firms. Click here to watch a video on Carlyle Group.
Bloomberg's Christina Alesci talks about possible plans by Carlyle Group to buy a stake in a hedge-fund manager. The world's second-largest private-equity firm is negotiating with several firms as it seeks to add more liquid investments, according to three people briefed on the plans. Alesci speaks with Betty Liu, Jon Erlichman and Sheila Dharmarajan on Bloomberg Television's "In the Loop."
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