Top Hedge Funds Gold

Top Hedge Funds Gold

Top Hedge Funds Are Still Investing Big in Gold

Many hedge funds put in their latest 13-F filings and one similarity among the top funds is gold.  Hedge funds have been among the biggest investors in gold in recent months as the price of the precious metal has continued to rise.  Top hedge funds from Paulson & Co. to Eton Park have significant gold holdings.
Several hedge funds are out with their latest 13-F filings and one thing is clear. Gold is still hot.

Eton Park, run by former Goldmanite Eric Mindich, bought 6.58 shares of the SPDR Gold Trust in the quarter.

John Paulson remains a big gold bull, and in addition to the SPDR Gold Trust and various miners, he also announced a new 1.1 million share position in Goldman Sachs, a very substantial buy. Other major financial names he owns include Citigroup, Bank of America, and JPMorgan.

Meanwhile, at Soros, the gold ETF remains 13% of the fund's holdings.   Source

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