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Rebellion Research Hedge Fund

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Continuing with this newsletter's focus on young traders and managers, Rebellion Research is a hedge fund run by several twenty something traders.  The hedge fund is up and coming and noted for its young managers and use of artificial intelligence.  Until the fund attracts larger hedge fund investor clients it will still be regarded unproven but CEO Spencer Greenberg hopes to one day grow to be a billion dollar fund. 

Here's how the 20-something year old hedge fund managers of $7 million baby start-up Rebellion Research explain the "artificial intelligence" they use to make investment decisions.

"We allow our artificial intelligence to learn what style of investment works over the long run," says Spencer Greenberg, the fund's head.

Their algo is named, "Star."

"[Star] will evaluate the way stocks look from a value perspective, growth, momentum, macro perspective."

"In practice, it will use a fusion of multiple styles that it's learned."

Their explanation doesn't explain much and the stocks they invest in are a mystery, too -- the guys wouldn't name any of their investments for the Wall Street Journal interviewer.

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