Hedge Funds July Fundraising

Hedge Funds July Fundraising

Hedge Funds Net $9 Billion in July 2010

Hedge funds are still fundraising at rates that likely make competing industries like private equity envious. The hedge fund industry managed to rake in $9.3 billion last month showing strong investor confidence in hedge funds' abilities to generate returns.
Investors jumped back into hedge funds just in time for the industry to turn things around.

Inflows totaled $9.3 billion in July, according to HedgeFund.net, after the industry suffered a net outflow in June. The new money from investors coincided with a return to positive performance last month, which added a further $21.1 billion to hedge fund coffers.

All told, hedge funds ended July with $2.249 trillion, 1.37% more than at the end of June. Source

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