Hedge Fund Marketing Telephone Interviews

Hedge Fund Marketer Interviews 

If you have raised a lot of capital for hedge funds I want to interview you.

Later this month I am interviewing 10 hedge fund marketing, capital raising, and capital introduction experts via the phone and embedding their audio interviews in MP3 format within our upcoming Hedge Fund Marketing Mechanics program coming out next month. 

If you are an expert at raising capital and having been doing so for over 7 years or have raised over $100M please contact us regarding how we could complete this 25-45 minute interview with you.  We can mention your name, firm name, and website URL at the start and end of the audio interview so the hedge fund managers who buy our product could get in touch with you if needed.

In exchange for completing this interview we can offer you a free copy of this premium hedge fund marketing training program.  If you would like to be interviewed please email me at Richard@HedgeFundGroup.org

Looking forward to completing these audio interviews, speak with you soon. 

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