Hedge Fund Investments 13F

Hedge Fund Investments 13F

13F Filings Show What Hedge Funds are Investing In

As we recently reported, the latest insight into what hedge funds are trading in has become available. This is through 13F filings reported from hedge funds to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Business Insider provides a brief guide to what hedge funds are trading in right now, according to these 13F filings.

John Paulson - Paulson & Co

Biggest holdings:

Exxon Mobil - 9.2 million shares
Goldman Sachs - 1 million shares
Beazer Homes USA - 5.8 million shares

Phil Falcone - Harbinger Capital

Biggest holdings:

Palm Inc - 16 million shares
Spectrum Brands - 25.8 million shares
LightSquared (wireless telecom company) - more than $2 billion
Sprint - 35 million shares
Citi - 35 million shares (down from 70 million last quarter)
SPDR - 1 million shares

Steve Mandel - Lone Pine Capital

Biggest Holdings
Cognizant Tech - 11.9 million shares ($600 million)
JPMorgan - 16.4 million shares ($600 million)
YUM Brands - 15 million shares ($590 million)

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