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Hedge Fund Spy

Hedge Fund Secretary and Russian Spy Sent Home

Anna Chapman, a spy and former personal assistant to Nicholas Camilleri, the CEO of Navigator Asset Management Advisers, has been sent back to Russia.  Chapman was charged, along with 9 others, as a Russian spy and sent home in exchange for four prisoners in Russia convicted of spying for the U.S.
Chapman, a former personal assistant to Nicholas Camilleri, CEO of London-based hedge fund Navigator Asset Management Advisers, was picked up on June 28 on charges that she worked as an unregistered agent of the Russian government, after meeting with a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent posing as a Russian agent. 
Chapman and the other nine Russian spies pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges yesterday in New York and were ordered deported. They were exchanged for the four Russian prisoners at a Vienna airport, and landed in Moscow a few hours later. 
Chapman and her cohorts were not accused of gathering any useful intelligence for Moscow, but not, apparently, for lack of trying. The group would communicate with their Russian contacts via invisible messages embedded in photographs posted online, and occasional meetings with Russian diplomats in New York.  Source

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