Commodity Trading Q&A

Commodity Trading Q&A

The Global View on Commodity Trading from Brazil

In the most recent issue of Opalesque Futures Intelligence, Gabriel Pellegrini of Global Edge Capital Management offers his view on commodity trading from Brazil. Pellegrini is a commodity trader from São Paulo, Brazil managing his own firm Global Edge Capital Management which returned 8.6% last year and 23.3% in 2008. In this interview, Pellegrini explains how he entered commodity trading, why he entered international markets, his investment strategy and gives a view on the industry from Brazil.
Opalesque Futures Intelligence: How did you get into futures trading?

Gabriel Pellegrini: My first job was at the Brazil futures exchange and I traded in only Brazilian markets for about four years. Then I started to trade in international markets. By 2003 I had learnt about systematic futures trading and looked for a firm that did this, but I could not find one in Brazil at that time. I traded Brazilian futures for myself and in 2008 opened Global Edge Management.

OFI: Why did you move to international markets?
GP: For quantitative trading, you need a lot of liquidity. We don’t have many liquid markets in Brazil. At the time, there was only one agricultural market in Brazil where I could do quantitative trading and that was coffee. But I traded the financials, including FX – the US dollar vs. the Brazilian real – and interest rates. Those are highly liquid. Source

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