CHP Program Open to 300 New Participants Starting Now

CHP Designation Open

Registration Opens For 300 New Members

This Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Program is now open for registration to 300 new members.

We limit participation to just 300 members because of the time-intensive hedge fund job placement services, hedge fund video training platform, hedge fund career coaching, practice examination, and resume feedback that is included for each participant in our program.

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The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation is a 100% online-based hedge fund training and certification program that can be completed in 6-12 months. 

The CHP Program is the most popular and trusted certification program built exclusively by and for hedge fund professionals. As depicted below to complete our program you must first register, complete CHP Level 1 on hedge fund fundamentals, and then complete CHP Level 2 within an area of your choice.  

Some Advantages of Becoming CHP Certified:
  • Access to Over 70 educational videos, templates, books, and exclusive hedge fund tools through our Hedge Fund Premium training platform
  • Improved pedigree & and upgraded resume verifying your specialized hedge fund knowledge
  • Access to our job placements services which include career coaching, recruiter connections, resume feedback, a hedge fund career workbook, internships, and a hedge fund resume template.
  • An understanding of hedge fund investment strategies, fund of hedge funds, analytics, due diligence, and current hedge fund trends and terms.
  • A marked advantage over those professionals and competing funds which do not have the hedge fund training, resources, and knowledge you will receive.

Hedge Fund CHPNote: All participants within the CHP Program receive 100% free 12 months access to This is our online hedge fund training platform which offers over 60 video resources to program participants. Every month there are more videos being added to our video vault within Hedge Fund Premium, these supplement the required readings of the the CHP Program.

Pass Rates: Below is a chart showing the pass rates for each of the four examinations which we offer, including CHP Level 1 on Hedge Fund Fundamentals, CHP Level 2: Marketing, CHP level 2: Portfolio Analytics, and CHP Level 2: Due Diligence. While we are working to make our examinations are pyschometrically sound and challenging we are not trying to fail 50-60% of participants and our cheif focus is on making sure our overall program delivers a great amount of value to each participant.

Pass Rate

Credibility: The CHP Designation is sponsored and offered by the Hedge Fund Group (HFG), an industry networking association with a global membership of over 31,000 individuals. The Board of Advisors for the Hedge Fund Group (HFG) consists of over 50 hedge funds, fund of hedge funds and industry consultants, making this hedge fund certification program not only designed for hedge fund professionals but also by hedge fund professionals. 

The CHP Designation has been mentioned over 50,000 times online by leading websites including Alpha Magazine, Financial Times, WSJ Fins, Seeking Alpha, Wall Street Post Game, Distressed Coalition, MarketFolly, and Team Hedge Fund. Our program is linked to and discussed daily in the industry and it is now becoming required and recommended by hedge fund recruiters and within many industry job listings.
CHP Program Growth: Below is a graph showing the growth of the CHP Designation program over the past three years, 2008, 2009, and 2010. We are on track to have just shy of 1,000 participants by the end of 2010, and hopefully in 2011 we will pass the 1,500 mark.
CHP Program Growth
Participants in the CHP Program in the past have included:
  • Analysts
  • Due diligence professionals
  • Hedge fund managers
  • Professors & trainers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Recruiters
  • Students
  • Marketing/sales & investor relations professionals.

Hedge Fund Training OnlineRisk Free: The CHP Program includes a 21 day no questions asked money back guarantee. That means if you register today and then decide you will not benefit from our online video training platform, require readings, webinars, events, study guide, and career coaching resources you may instantly withdraw and receive 100% of your money back in one business day, plus you may still retain your access to Hedge Fund Premium for 12 months for free just for spending your time checking out our training platform.

    Geographical Disbursement of Participants: The chart below shows where participants in our program are based. When our program started it was most popular in North America but now Europe and Asia are the two fastest growing segments of our participant locations. 


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      Quotes from Participants
      Below are just a sample of quotes and feedback from over 100 current and past participants.  View the full list of these quotes on our site by clicking here.

      Testimonial #17: Timothy Brady
      "I enjoyed the readings required for the CHP Designation. Also, the communication provided by CHP was good."

      Testimonial #18: Shian-Shian Khern
      "Very comprehensive and useful structure. The CHP Designation provided with me valuable knowledge and information. I know feeel versed in hedge fund industry."

      Testimonial #19: Henrik Lalund
      "I think the CHP Designation Program gives a good introduction to and overview of the hedge fund industry. I enjoyed reading all the 3 books and think they contain the right amount of knowledge. I am looking forward to take the next level of the designation."

      Testimonial #20: Alexander Haardt
      "The readings were very well chosen. The CHP program has helped me better understand the industry as a whole as well as individual hedge fund strategies. Tough at times but lots of fun!"

      Testimonial #21: Gregory Blair
      "I really enjoyed the content that we had to learn. Good dynamic course for an individual interested in getting involved in any type of investment situation or career, not just hedge funds."

      Testimonial #22: Choong Foon Chai
      "This program helped me become more knowledgable and this has been a valuable experience. The CHP program is unique and provides something which really doesn't exist elsewhere in the market. I took this program because it helped me increase my credibility in the hedge fund industry."

      Testimonial #23: Sunny Youn
      "Completing the CHP Designation has been a good experience, covering out a variety of topics of interest related to hedge funds"

      Testimonial #24: Peter Schaffer
      "I think it is a good test for hedge fund professionals to complete. I now look forward to Level 2 of the program."

      Testimonial #25: Antony Ghee
      "CHP Level 1 provides the fundamental building blocks for working in the world of hedge funds. The materials and topics covered were not overwhelming, yet not overly simplistic. It is my view that the CHP Designation Program strikes the appropriate balance for anyone that seeks to learn about or build upon their knowledge of hedge funds."

      Testimonial #26: Kwee-Lam Teo
      "The CHP Designation Program provides participants with extensive knowledge of hedge fund industry to strengthen our professionalism in hedge funds industry It really carry weight and improves our quality standards in the industry"

      Testimonial #27: Anil Sharma
      "Good coverage of topics, testing of deep understanding, and well constructed examination as well. Thank You"

      Testimonial #28: Kaustav Bagchi
      "Preparation material like the practice exam could be more frequently released. They were very helpful in understanding the different subject areas as well as gave good preparation. Also, the study material was very comprehensive and summaries of the material are extremely useful. I would definitely sign up for the Level 2."

      Testimonial #29: Alexander Moreno
      "My experience with the exam has been great, I have gain a better understanding of the hedege fund industry, what the basic strategies are, and how it plays a big roe in the financial industry. The reading material was excellent, and the exam was very relevent."

      Testimonial #30: Susan Swift
      "Very broad learning experience. Good overall coverage of material."

      Testimonial #31: Vincent Tange
      "Great to have a programme entirely focused on this growing industry. Very useful literature suitable and interesting for a diverse audenience of participants. Looking forward very much to develop myself further in the industry thanks to insights gained from this programme"

      Testimonial #32: Haifeng Xi
      "The exam and related video content is a great motivation for self learning! The test preparation materials are great help in the process, please keep up the good work..."

      Testimonial #33: Scott Ingerto
      "I thought the book selection was great . Some more concrete examples would be great to have in the program, but test was complete and fair. Thank you.

      Testimonial #34: Jimmy Huang
      "I have had a great experience studying for the CHP Designation Program, thank you for making it avaliable.."

      Testimonial #35: Mike Peterson
      "The CHP Level 1 Program was an excellent program in a broad overview of the Hedge Fund Industry."

      Testimonial #36: Shiu Hong Chu
      "I think the CHP exam is good since the questions difficulty is optimal, and the time is enough for the candidate to finish it. Also, it covers all the main idea hedge funds industry should know. And the essay question is good for testing the candidate's knowledge of different hedge fund strategies. Good Job!! I Enjoyed the exam. See you in level 2!"

      Testimonial #37: Vadim Alexanrov
      "Great interactions with anyone I was trying to reach/ask a question. Straightforward curriculum. Nice preparation guides. Thanks!"

      Testimonial #38: Manik Chhabra
      "Great experience. Excellent ciriculum/ exposure to the hedge fund industry. Looking forward to the next steps in finding opportunities in industry."

      Testimonial #39: Elaine Fox
      "Broad questions covering all areas. Very helpful. Some tricky questions in there on the examination."

      Testimonial #40: Richard Langevin
      "CHP Designation program is a very nice program and I'm very proud to be part of it. I'm sure it will growth very fast in the coming years !!! I plan starting working in the Hedge Fund industry in the coming two years and this designation will help me a lot ! Thanks for seting this program."

      Testimonial #41: Alok Kumar
      "The exam and its purpose is very good. It can be further improved by marketing it better to hedge funds. The people who pass their exam should now be more likely to land a job within the industry."

      Testimonial #42: Sachin Obaid
      "This was an awesome exam! it gave me a great opportunity to read books which I generally would not pick as light reading and I have learned a lot. Thank you for creating such a great program. "

      Testimonial #43: Matthew Archie
      "The CHP Designation Program has greatly improved my knowledge. Improvement: The study guide couldve been completed earlier last year, glad it is now complete though. Thank you for the opportunity!"

      Testimonial #44: Christopher Eberhart
      "Richard Wilson and the CHP team has been very supportive since I registered for the program. The provided responsiveness and the knowledge I needed from the program."

      Testimonial #45: Manik Chhabra
      "Great experience. Excellent ciriculum/ exposure to the hedge fund industry. Looking forward to the next steps in finding opportunities in industry."

      Testimonial #46: Hai Le
      "I love the program so far, but still need time to study for Level 2 before the next examination is offered -. thanks for the program"

      Testimonial #47: Mario Tate
      "I like the freedom of taking the test online, I can go to a quiet place and not be distracted by crowds. I also like the updated study guide which includes tips on which chapters to focus on this is really helpful."

      Testimonial #48: Jose Carlos
      "Even I am manage derivatives from long time ago, I have learn a lot about the small and big difference to approach from the relative value point of view. It has been a very good approach to the Hedge Fund industry, and the books included as material it should be a absolutly neccesary readings for any investor interested in absolute retunrs, capital preservation and interested to manage the Risk/Return in an efficient way."

      Testimonial #49: Christine Zaremba
      "I gained valuable insight into the Fund of Funds and Hedge Funds, particularly investment strategies. I attest that this program is helpful on generating positive returns. I hope that course 2 continues to provide me with the detailed knowledge and videos provided by the Hedge Fund website. Thanks!"

      Testimonial #50: Najieb Zain
      "I think an online exam makes it convenient for candidates from across the country to pursue the CHP Designation Program. Thank you for the pleasant experience."

      Testimonial #51: Bradley Robinson
      "The overall customer service provided by Richard Wilson and the CHP certification team before the exam was excellent. I enjoyed the readings. The CHP program still has a small "feel" to it unlike the other programs out there"

      Testimonial #52: Howard Klemmer, Hedg Fund Manager
      "This was a fine experience for me as I am already a fund manager and this exam let me to test what I do vs what other people thought I did.."

      Testimonial #53: Al Behbehani
      "I think the exam was well constructed. Thanks."

      Testimonial #54: Jean Paul Van Straalen
      "The online exam of the CHP designation provide the hedge fund industry a tool to build on a more professional image and reliable and responsible attitude of the manager"

      Testimonial #55: Venugopalan Mauralidharan
      "This has been a good experience for me. I learned a lot about the hedge fund industry."

      Testimonial #56: Darius Paris
      "The CHP organization does a good job supporting the candidates with preparation. I like the flexibility of the online exam format. Thanks."

      Testimonial #57: James Day
      "The information contained within the CHP Designation Program has been helpful for starting my own hedge fund."

      Testimonial #58: Steven Pliszka
      "I believe that what you are doing is very constructive and I appreciate the oppportunity."

      Testimonial #59: Mammad Guliyev
      "Thanks for the program, everything you offer is excellent and I recieved a lot of value from the training."

      Testimonial #60: Mark Babineau
      "As a college student studying for the CHP, I have learned an enormous amount about the hedge fund industry. I would highly suggest this program for anyone looking to get into the hedge fund business."

      Testimonial #61: Michael Drover
      "I think more emphasis on trading strategies would be useful, as opposed to the amount of time spend on fund of funds. But this is a minor point - generally speaking, a well-designed program!"

      Testimonial #62: Abdikarim Karshe
      "I think this is a well prepared test and I think many people benefit from this test. best regards"

      Testimonial #63: Paul Maggs
      "Really enjoyed studying for the course. It was good that teh study material was broad and authored by different individuals. The ability to ask questions was also a huge benefit as this isn't something I have had on previous courses in the UK.."

      Testimonial #64: Victor Leon
      "So far so good. I really hope I pass both levels this year so I can add this to my resume!"

      Testimonial #65: Scott Jelen
      "This has been a positive experience because it dispelled some of the myths surrounding hedge funds. I especially liked the book about the funds of funds. I also thought the discussion of the different strategies was very interesting."

      Testimonial #66: Michael Kennedy-Gestring
      "Your hedge fund course was great thank you!"

      Testimonial #67: Benjamin Shellington
      "This program has helped me tremendously in learning about both the hedge fund and mutual fund industries in terms of their evolution over time, strategies and general place in the financial world."

      Testimonial #68: Ray Mustafa
      "So far I believe that the CHA program has been helpful. The reading material covered a large range of information. I do look forward to completing level 2. "

      Testimonial #69: Jim Hughes
      "Program is educational besides informative. Awesome way to enhance financial education. Extremely helpful and insightful formats."

      Testimonial #70: Ashutosh Kaduskar
      "One of the best initiatives that provides outside with an exposure to hedge fund. I gained good knowledge about the various basics of the hedge fund through the reading materials."

      Testimonial #71: Joseph Del Principe
      "I enjoyed learning the information in the texts and materials. I have a new understanding of the complexities of the financial world. The test was challenging but fair"

      Testimonial #72: Nick Asmus
      "I found the program to be very helpful. I enjoyed studying and finding a reason to really comprehend and delve into numerous hedge fund concepts and materials. It also gave a good foundation of what things you "need to know" in the industry. "

      Testimonial #73: Melissa Standstring
      "I enjoyed the program. I work in the fund of funds industry on the operations side, so learng=ing about the different strategies has helped to make me a more knowledgeable emeber of our team."

      Testimonial #74: James Klauzner
      "Very good set of questions, does a good job of "probing" the general Alternative Investment field knowledge of the individual. I can see how this kind of certification would help the prospective employee and the hiring firm get a better idea of what each party is offering/getting in terms of the candidate's knowledge base."

      Testimonial #75: Trent D'Ambrosio
      "The test was very broad and covered a great deal of information I think it was a great baseline. I am most impressed with the selected reading I found it extremly valuable."

      Testimonial #76: Jeremy McIntosh
      "This has been a great experience. I enjoyed the required readings. I found the exam to cover the fundamentals of hedge fund investing."

      Testimonial #77: Ashish Agarwal
      "Good Program, thanks for creating it"

      Testimonial #78: Lincoln Leung
      "The CHP designation has greatly improved by investment knowledge on the hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, as well as individual varieties of financial instruments. It helped me both paving the way for future career development and improving my skills on personal investment/speculations in the financial markets."

      Testimonial #79: Sanket Ajmera
      "Excellent program."

      Testimonial #80: Todd Hickman
      "Great job. Thanks "

      Testimonial #81: Herman Pretorious
      "The CHP Designation Program opened a new level of understanding for me within this area."

      Testimonial #82: Tilak Pati
      "Its very detailed and requires depth of knowledge to complete."

      Testimonial #83: Anthony Caramagno
      "Positive Experience: "I found the self-study program to be very rewarding. It was a pleasure and very interesting to study and learn about the hedge fund industry. I feel enriched by this program."

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