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Steven Cohen Retirement

Steven Cohen Retirement

Steve Cohen Suggests in Interview That He May Retire

Steven A. Cohen, one of the biggest names in the hedge fund industry, has suggested that he may be retiring from active trading.  In a recent interview with Bryan Burroughs, Steve Cohen, manager of SAC Capital Advisors, implied that he could be retiring.  Burroughs said of the interview, "The idea that he might just walk away in his mid-fifties, it seems ridiculous on its face."
The idea that he might just walk away in his mid-fifties, it seems ridiculous on its face," says Burrough in a promotional clip for the article, due out in the July issue of the magazine.
"So many issues have dogged Steve Cohen for so long, including years of suggestions that in his rise, especially in his early years, he may have traded improperly—either insider trading or more dicey things like font running," says Burrough. "He doesn't admit to anything, but he does talk at length about the lessons he has learned and how they beefed up their legal defenses to make sure that those types of things don't  happen."

"I walked away thinking that in the early years, this is a guy who probably played pretty fast and lose with information on Wall Street, but as the rules of his game changed, I get the feeling he is a pretty straight citizen these days."  Source

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