Richard Wilson's Hedge Fund Book Released by Wiley Today

Richard Wilson's New Book Released

Today I'm announcing some exciting news, a book I wrote for was released earlier today. This book is called "The Hedge Fund Book: A Training Manual for Professionals and Capital Raising Executives."

Within this book you gain access to these three things:
  • Transcripts of over 20 interviews conducted with hedge fund veterans, resulting in over $80,000 worth of advice is offered within this book
  • Over 30 Video Modules integrated into the context of the book, view these videos for free online using the URLs provided within the book
  • Over 100 pages of additional pages of my own hedge fund industry insights, capital raising advice, career tips, and more.
To further review or purchase the book shown above please visit Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders.

This book was written by sitting down with and contacting over 30 hedge fund veterans and then using the transcripts of the 20 most valuable interviews and my own research and insights to create a hedge fund training manual.  This book will soon become required reading for the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Designation Program, and it includes many additional resources that can be found on at no additional cost.

What You Get Inside of This Book:
  • Direct stories, insights, advice, and practical strategies from over 20 hedge fund veterans
  • How hedge funds are adapting their internal governance, operational, and institutional investment processes to adapt to investor demands for ever increasing institutionalized hedge fund managers
  • How to raise more capital without spending any more money on marketing and sales
  • How to quickly speed up your hedge fund career, gain more responsibility, and grow your specialized hedge fund knowledge faster than anyone else around you
  • The top 4 trends affecting the hedge fund industry today, and why those trends will continue on for some time to come
This book was written after became a top 2 website on hedge funds and because my Hedge Fund E-Book has been downloaded close to 100,000 times to date. Without your support neither of these things could have happened, so thank you for visiting my blog.

Thanks to everyone in advance who purchases this books and can leave a review for me on  If you are a blogger or journalist and would like to review a copy of the book please let me know.

Thanks for grabbing your copy.

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