Naked Short Club

Naked Short Club

London's Hedge Fund Radio Show, the Naked Short Club

Hedge fund managers in the UK have made appearances on the Naked Short Club, a hedge fund radio show in London.  The show is hosted by "Dr. Stu," who says he works in the hedge fund industry.  Dr. Stu interviews managers, talks about the latest hedge fund gossip and makes jokes between playing psychadelic rock songs from bands like the Stooges.

The show is mostly comedy with the host recently taking aim at German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her ban of short selling and convicted fraudster Bernie Madoff.  But the Naked Short Club also provides listeners with interesting interviews with hedge fund traders.  For example, three managers discussed the May 6th stock market crash and immediate recovery.  The show can be heard Monday evenings at 9 BST at 104.4 FM in central London or worldwide via

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