Macro Hedge Funds 2010

Macro Hedge Funds 2010

Macro Hedge Funds Expected Among 2010 Best Performers

As concerns of large economies continues, macro focused hedge funds will likely bring solid returns, according to a hedge fund advisory firm.  Lombard Odier's head of the hedge fund business predicts macro hedge funds to be among the best performing strategies of this year and to continue that performance through 2011.
Cedric Kohler said on the sidelines of the GAIM hedge funds conference that strong trends in currencies, equities, debt and commodities could help the strategy known as global macro to prosper into 2011 despite a disappointing May.
"The overall environment has been driven by macro events in 2010, and I believe it will continue to be the case because of economic imbalances in the largest markets," said Kohler, whose team at the Geneva-based private bank oversees a fund of hedge funds and advises clients on hedge fund investments.
With markets highly volatile, he said macro managers benefited from their ability to take long or short positions in most markets, trade in very liquid products and change positioning nimbly if their view of the economic outlook changes.  Source

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