Hedge Fund Designation Update (CHP Program)

CHP: Hedge Fund Designation

Hundreds of professionals completed the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Designation exam yesterday as part of the Hedge Fund Group's industry designation program. Last year the average grades on the CHP examinations were 76% for CHP Level 1 and 65% for CHP Level 2. Many parts of the exams have been improved and we will know shortly whether these averages have changed since our last testing session.

4 CHP Program Updates
  • Currently the Hedge Fund Group is working with psychometric experts to further improve the credibility and and soundness of all exams administered within the CHP Designation Program.  
  • Our team is also updating HedgeFundPremium.com - streamlining it to offer a more user-friendly video training platform for the hedge fund industry.  Right now the platform hosts over 60 videos and an average of two videos a month are being uploaded to the website. 
  • We are meeting in NYC tomorrow morning with a recruiting firm that is interested in working directly with CHP Designation participants as their clients include many of the top 10 and top 25 hedge fund managers.  We are working hard to spread the message about the credibility and brand of the CHP Designation and hope to have more placement and career advisory services in place shortly.
  • Last month Richard Wilson from our team published a book with Wiley in which he interviews over 20 hedge fund veterans and also includes his own advice and insights on the hedge fund industry and capital raising. This book will now be required reading within CHP Level 1 and CHP Level 2: Marketing & Sales.
As of last year our program has now grown to the critical mass size needed to guarantee the long-term viability and acceptance of our program.  We are dedicated to building this program into the #1 designation exclusive to hedge fund professionals. Thank you to all the participants for your support and continued feedback on how we can deliver more value to you and all future participants. 

For those of you who haven't seen our website, the CHP Designation is a 100% online hedge fund training and certification program.  This is a two part program, in CHP Level 1 participants cover hedge fund fundamentals and within CHP Level 2 participants choose from three options: Hedge Fund Due Diligence, Hedge Fund Portfolio Analytics, or Hedge Fund Marketing & Sales.  The full program may be completed in 12 months and each level costs less than a single university course.  To learn more please see http://HedgeFundCertification.com

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