Angela Merkel Hedge Funds

Angela Merkel Hedge Funds

 Merkel Calls Lack of Hedge Fund Regulation "A Scandal"

The German Chancellor had some strong words regarding the regulation of hedge funds.  Adding to the chorus of leaders calling for regulation, Angela Merkel said it was "a scandal" that hedge funds are not regulated today.  She also blamed Britain for stopping previous attempts to regulate the industry.
It is a "scandal" that hedge funds are not regulated, but rules to oversee them should come in three weeks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday.
In a speech in Berlin, Merkel did not give further details on where the rules would emerge, but blamed Britain for thwarting previous efforts at regulating hedge funds.
Merkel added that speculation against Portugal was exaggerated and said it was time to give European Union institutions greater scope to look into national budgets.  Source

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