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UCITS III-Compliant Funds Now Manage $52.3 Billion

UCITS III-compliant funds have recently gained in popularity after the financial crisis and they now manage $52.3 billion.  The funds, which are regulator-friendly, were virtually unknown until the last few years and they now manage 3.5% of total hedge funds AUM.  Although the funds have underperformed regular hedge funds, they beat fund of hedge funds over the last three years so more investors may consider giving UCITS funds a try.
UCITS III-compliant hedge funds have proliferated over the last two years. But the regulator-friendly funds have underperformed hedge funds generally, although they have done better than funds of hedge funds over the past three years.
The roughly 500 UCITS hedge funds now manage $52.3 billion, according to Eureakhedge. While that’s just 3.5% of the $1.48 trillion currently managed by hedge funds, it is up from practically nothing a few years ago.
Unsurprisingly, most UCITS assets are invested in Europe, where UCITS compliance earns a fund entrée to most jurisdictions.
Europe is home to 41% of UCITS-compliant hedge fund assets. Funds with global mandates account for another 32%. Source

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