Institutional Investors Risk

Institutional Investors Risk

Institutional Investors Regaining Risk Appetite in 2010

Absolute return funds are expected to receive an increase in allocations as investors' recover their appetites for risk.  While some investors returned to hedge funds last year it was mostly in lower-risk fund strategies, but now institutional investors are expected to move toward equity or high-risk strategies. 
Institutional investors such as pension funds, which pulled out of equity and hedge fund-like products during the financial crisis, are showing signs of a robust return as risk appetite grows.

The trend is a fillip for fund houses, but fund chiefs expect the landscape to evolve to give little room for so-called "core" products which aim for only a modest outperformance at extra cost.

"We have seen the risk appetite of investors grow steadily. The initial interest last year was devoted to things like corporate bond funds, but as we headed towards the end of last year we saw interest for equity or high-risk strategies," said Alan Brown, group chief investment officer at Schroders

"And this has continued into 2010 -- it hasn't abated at all, in fact it has accelerated," he said.  Source

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