Increase in Hedge Fund Launches in 2010

Hedge Fund Launches 2010

Hedge Fund Launches Appear to be on the Rise

So far this year, there have been more hedge fund launches than in 2009.  This is a likely result as more investors are returning to hedge funds after solid performance last year.  The head of Morgan Stanley's prime brokerage service reports that he has seen a fivefold increase in hedge fund launches.
"We are seeing very, very strong hedge fund formation right now," said Alex Ehrlich, who heads the prime brokerage business for Morgan Stanley. "The number of launches we are seeing are five times stronger than what we saw last year."
Morgan Stanley was voted the industry's top prime broker. Prime brokers help fund hedge funds, clear their trades and introduce them to investors, according to Institutional Investor.
Without being specific, Ehrlich said between 15 and 100 newly launched hedge fund firms will start working with Morgan Stanley this year.
The numbers suggest that portfolio managers and traders who are now working at banks or other hedge funds are still very eager to hang out their own shingles even as industry analysts report that it is becoming more difficult to launch these funds. Source

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