Hedge Funds Lobbying

Hedge Funds Lobbying

Hedge Fund Trade Group Spent $1.1 Mil Lobbying in Q4

An important factor in how hedge funds are treated in the financial reform debate is the lobbying efforts by representatives of the hedge fund industry.  The Managed Funds Association, a hedge fund trade group, spent more than $1 million in Q4 of 2009 lobbying on behalf of hedge funds.  It's unclear whether these efforts will produce any real results in the regulation battle.
A trade group representing hedge funds spent nearly $1.1 million in the fourth quarter lobbying federal officials on proposed financial regulations, including a measure that would require hedge funds to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
The $1.08 million that the Managed Funds Association spent on lobbying in the latest quarter was about double the $520,000 it spent in the period a year earlier. The group's lobbying total for the latest quarter also tops the $910,000 it spent the previous quarter.
According to a Jan. 20 filing with the House clerk's office, the Managed Funds Association also lobbied in last year's fourth quarter on a proposal to create a Consumer Financial Protection Agency and on proposals for tighter regulation of trading financial derivatives, including credit default swaps.


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