Hedge Fund Managers Pay in 2009

Hedge Fund Managers Pay in 2009

David Tepper Tops Hedge Fund Managers Pay in 2009

There were--and still are--some rumors that compensation for hedge fund managers and staff would fall significantly following the recession.  A new survey shows that hedge fund pay has stayed at a highly competitive level, especially after the large gains across the industry in 2009.

Today AR: Absolute Return+Alpha magazine released the top 25 earners in the hedge fund industry.  The highest paid 25 earned a collective $25.3 billion with the lowest individual payout in 2009 at $350 million.  It probably is little surprise that David Tepper tops the list.  It's clear that compensation, at least for the managers of hedge funds, is still very high.
That strategy handed Mr. Tepper...the top spot on the annual ranking of top earners in the hedge fund industry by AR: Absolute Return+Alpha magazine, which comes out Thursday.  His investors did not do badly, either — Mr. Tepper’s flagship fund gained more than 130 percent last year.

The runner-up in the ranking was George Soros...his fund, Quantum Endowment, grew 29 percent in 2009, earning Mr. Soros $3.3 billion in fees and investment gains.

But in a startling comeback, top hedge fund managers rode the 2009 stock market rally to record gains, with the highest-paid 25 earning a collective $25.3 billion, according to the survey, beating the old 2007 high by a wide margin.

The minimum individual payout on the list was $350 million in 2009, a sign of how richly compensated top hedge fund managers have remained despite public outrage over the pay packages at big banks and brokerage firms.  Source

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