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UK Commodity Ebullio Fund Loses 70% in January

The UK commodity hedge fund Ebullio has had a rough start to this year.  In January, the hedge fund lost 70% falling to $1.47 million and then lost 86% in the next month.  In November 2009, Ebullio Capital Management reportedly held as much as 90% of the London Metal Exchange in stocks and cash contracts.
Ebullio Capital Management's commodity hedge fund suffered its "worst month" since launch in February, slumping more than 86 percent, a report by Ebullio to investors said on Wednesday.
Assets under management fell to $1.47 million in February, and were down 69.65 percent in January, bringing total return down 95.83 percent for the year, the February report said.

Lars Steffensen, the managing partner of Ebullio, was unavailable for comment on Wednesday.
The Ebullio Commodity Fund January report had said that return on capital fell an estimated 1.10 percent for that month.  Source

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