Alternative Funds Future

Alternative Funds Future

Alternative Funds Try to Keep Profits As Investors Ask More

The alternative asset fund may face some changes in the future as investors are pushing for a different fee structure and more active supervision of management.  Hedge funds and private equity firms are concerned that by cutting fees the funds will not be able to keep up profits.
Small firms in particular face cost pressure to meet increasing demand for managed accounts -- individual portfolios that give clients closer control of assets -- and pressure to cut lucrative fees.
At the same time, private equity firms are not able to sell as many companies, hitting bonus pools, while hedge funds have found the client assets from which they harvest management fees greatly reduced.

"Investor expectations of governance have increased dramatically ... It's quite hard for single-strategy boutiques to meet those expectations," Charles Kirwan-Taylor, chief investment officer of RAB Capital (RAB.L), told the Reuters Hedge Fund and Private Equity Summit in London.

Whilst clients have stopped pulling money out of the $1.6 trillion (1.1 trillion pound) hedge fund industry and in the fourth quarter of last year reinvested a net $13.8 billion, asset levels for most hedge fund firms are well below boom levels.  Source

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