Pacificor Terminator

Pacificor Terminator

Pacificor Hedge Fund Wins Ownership of Terminator

Last year, we covered an entertaining dispute between two movie production companies and a California-based hedge fund over the popular Terminator movie brand.  The previous owner of the movie fell into bankruptcy but Lions Gate and Columbia Pictures cried foul when Pacificor won the rights to the movie in an auction.  This week, Pacificor LLC won a court decision allowing the sale of Terminator to the hedge fund.  For more information on this case see Hedge Fund Film Financing.
A U.S. bankruptcy judge said on Wednesday the movie franchise could be sold to California-based, hedge fund Pacificor LLC, ending months of speculation about the future of the iconic film series after its current owner collapsed into bankruptcy in August.
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Ernest Robles approved the sale during a hearing in his Los Angeles courtroom, saying it would offer the best deal for the company's unsecured creditors.
He overruled an objection from movie studios Columbia Pictures and Lions Gate Entertainment Corp who had claimed the auction process was unfair after their joint bid for the franchise was not selected.
Under the deal, Pacificor would have the rights to the revenue from future films, games, DVDs and certain television programing from the franchise.
Pacificor has been in talks with several movie studios about future distribution and production of the Terminator films...Source

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