Most Powerful Hedge Fund Women

Most Powerful Hedge Fund Women

Most Powerful Women in Hedge Funds Reside in London

The most powerful women in hedge funds reside in London, according to a report by the Hedge Fund Journal.  The publication put together a list of the top 50 women in hedge funds and more than one fourth of the women on that list work in London.  It will be interesting to see if this changes as London adopts tougher regulations and taxes, driving many hedge funds to more welcoming cities.
The report names London-based Leda Braga of BlueCrest and Mina Gerowin of Paulson Europe — as two of the three most noteworthy women in the business globally.
Ms Braga, who has been at BlueCrest since 2001, manages $9.6 billion of assets and oversaw a gain of 43pc in 2008, making her fund one of the industry’s best performing.
Ms Gerowin is the European boss of Paulson — the fund that made billions by shorting sub-prime mortgages in 2007. She personally led activist investments in Stork and Ahold, two Dutch companies which were the subject of takeover battles in 2008.
The survey, based on data from Hedge Fund Research, also found women-owned hedge funds delivered average annual returns of 9.06 per cent over the last decade, more than a third more than the average return for all funds of 5.28 per cent.  Source

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