Webinars & CHP Designation Update

Webinars & CHP Designation

1.  We will soon be announcing some new webinars to be held in February on hedge fund capital raising, setting up a hedge fund, and growing a hedge fund career. Some of these will be free and open to the public while others will be restricted to Hedge Fund Premium members or cost $97 to attend.

2.  Our team also just updated our CHP Designation website to include specific pages built specifically for employers looking to train their employees, potential participants, participants, and alumni of our program.  These pages will help provide more specific information about our program to these different groups.  The main reason we have added them is that we now have more employers paying for their employees to complete our program than ever before and we needed a space to speak to these employers more directly.

If you would like to learn more about how our online hedge fund training platform could grow your career faster or help educate your employees please visit: http://HedgeFundCertification.com/Training.html

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