Hedge Fund Hotel in London

Hedge Fund Hotel London

The Hedge Fund Hotel (HFH) has opened its first London office in London’s exclusive financial heart at 10 Lloyd’s Avenue – EC3N. HFH provides a new innovative space for start-up fund managers and established alternative asset managers, providing not just high quality office space but valuable included and additional services, networks and support systems. HFH is a quality one stop shop for essential and additional services for the funds sector allowing clients to save time and costs and focus on developing their business.

HFH London is a joint venture with the Hedge Fund Hotel, Toronto (www.hfhto.com) a successful and growing operation established in 2006. The founders all have extensive experience in the funds and finance sector and provide valuable input to help ensure the smooth operation of each start up business.

Peter Hughes, founder of Apex Fund Services (www.apexfundservices.com) and Founding Partner of HFH London, says, “HFH will provide an environment where administration matters are taken care of and our clients can focus on their business surrounded by people in the financial and investment sector who can assist their successful establishment and expand their expertise.”

William Woods, Founding Partner, HFH Toronto, added, “New hedge fund managers need office space, information, inspiration and capital. Often the start up manager has been employed by a large asset management organization and is not used to having zero support. Running a small business leaves them drowning in detail and unfocussed on the main objective of raising assets and outperforming.”

Ashminder Kaur, lawyer and Founding Partner states, “Navigating regulation and jurisdictional issues is increasingly complex for the funds sector, HFH seminars, in-house support, knowhow and the multi-jurisdictional and multi-disciplinary background of the founders will provide vital support to start ups and existing fund mangers”.

For further information on the HFH London, please contact John Barham on; 44 1892 548881, or email; jpb@hfhuk.com.

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