Fund of Hedge Funds UCITS

 Fund of Hedge Funds UCITS

80% of Fund of Hedge Funds to Open UCITS Vehicles

80% of the 30 largest funds of hedge fund managers reported plans to open UCITS vehicles.  As UCITS III funds are becoming more popular with investors, fund of funds are following suit and hoping to diversify with UCITS funds.  To read the whole report follow this link .

UCITS III funds are gaining favor among investors, and fund of funds firms are taking notice. According to a recent survey of the 30 largest fund of hedge fund managers, 80% of them intend to enter the UCITS space in 2010.
The survey—conducted by London-based investment boutique KDK Asset Management—highlights that there is substantial demand for fund of hedge fund strategies offered as UCITS from different types of investors. It also shows that the current investment universe is considered not deep enough and its quality not necessarily high enough to adequately satisfy these requests.
Despite the fact that the survey participants generally expect UCITS hedge funds to underperform their equivalent offshore funds, the “fund of UCITS” appears to be the preferred way to structure such offering for a UCITS investor base.  Source

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