Hedge Funds December 2009

Hedge Funds December 2009

Early Data for Hedge Funds in December 2009

The early data on the hedge fund industry in December is not particularly good or bad.  Using Dow Jones Hedge Fund Strategy Benchmarks as a measure we find long/short funds the best performing, up only 0.33% while the worst, event-driven funds, is down 0.14%.  A post here earlier this month predicted an uneventful December for hedge funds as managers try to curb risk so as not to blow a great year of performance. 
If hedge funds are going to enjoy a big December, they may need a big holiday bounce.
Through the end of last week, the three remaining Dow Jones Hedge Fund Strategy Benchmarks aren’t exactly blowing down doors. The best of the lot, equity long/short funds, is up just 0.33% through the first three weeks of the month. The worst, event-driven, is actually down 0.14%.
Merger arbitrage funds are up 0.11% during the same period. That benchmark is up 7.7% on the year; event-driven funds have returned 15% and equity long/short 3.7%.
The other three Dow Jones indices, convertible arbitrage, distressed securities and equity market-neutral, are suspended.  Source

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