Early Hedge Fund Best Practices Book Review

Book Feedback ($82,500 Worth of Advice)

My book is now complete for Wiley on hedge funds. It covers information gathered through my own experience and interviews I have conducted with over 30 experts and fund managers in the hedge fund industry. The book discusses strategies of improving institutionalization, governance best practices, areas of operational improvement, a capital raising case study, common mistakes made by fund managers, and frequently asked hedge fund consulting questions.

The exciting thing is that that book contains over $82,500 worth of consulting advice and it will cost less than $75 when it hits book shelves.

What we need now is for 30 additional hedge fund managers to read the text early so we can get some feedback/reviews for the book before it is sent out for publishing. If you would like to read a few sections or the whole book before it goes to press and provide us with feedback or quote please send me an email at Richard@HedgeFundGroup.org.

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