What should very quickly growing hedge funds of $100M+ invest their money in as they grow?

$100M Hedge Fund Investments

Many of the hedge funds who contact us with over $100M in assets are looking to re-invest, protect and continue their growth. Last week I completed an interview with Lance Baraker and William Katts from TradeStation Prime Services on where large funds should be re-investing their money. The full interview will be published within my upcoming book on hedge funds but here in an excerpt now:

"This may be over simplified but the what is most important to a hedge fund as they grow is investing in talent. This is extremely important when implementing systems. Goods systems are only as good as the ability for them to be functional.

The biggest complaint I hear from the bigger hedge funds is the fact they are over staffed with people that perform the same job Redundancy can escalate expenses. Also the proper use of derivatives can increase alpha and decrease risk . Having an experienced derivatives trader is paramount..his ability to generate alpha and help a fund manage risk is one of the key additions when the resources are available. With the attrition of the trading floors and the advanced technology in risk systems the price for a talented person with proper risk tools becomes much more cost effective and an absolute must as a fund walks up the ladder" - William Katts, TradeStation Prime Services

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