Weekly Liquidity Within Hedge Funds and Fund of Hedge Funds

Weekly Liquidity within Hedge Funds

For those hedge fund managers who are tracking the transparency, liquidity, lock-up period fluctuations of competitors I thought it was interesting to see that HSBC is launching a fund of hedge fund product with weekly liquidity and strict leverage requirements.
HSBC Alternative Investments is joining the UCITS III rush with a new fund of hedge funds.
The bank will launch its Ucits AdvantEdge fund this month. The new vehicle will seek to take advantage of the credit crisis, investing in underlying managers who specialize in discretionary macro, equity-market neutral, managed futures and equity long/short strategies, the Financial Times reports.

But the new fund will also cater to the skittishness of investors in the wake of the financial crisis: It will offer weekly liquidity and features strict limits on leverage, counterparty risk and types of securities traded. source

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