Hedge Funds Investor Portfolio

Hedge Funds Investor Portfolio

Hedge Funds to Take Bigger Role in Investors' Portfolio

The majority of surveyed wealth managers and institutional investors said that hedge funds will be important or more important as traditional investments in the next five years.  The industry has been performing very well in 2009 but investors still noted their fears of low liquidity and a lack of transparency in the industry.
Nearly 60 percent of all financial advisers who help wealthy people invest their money and institutional investors said they expect hedge funds to be as important to much more important as traditional investments over the next five years.
Currently 34 percent of the financial advisers think that these loosely regulated portfolios will be as important as their traditional cousins, up from 27 percent last year, the survey from research firm Morningstar and magazine Barron's found.

"Institutions and advisers continue to view alternative investments optimistically, despite their questionable performance, correlation, and liquidity during last year's global downturn as well as the high-profile scandals that rocked the hedge fund industry," said Steve Deutsch, director of the pension, endowment, and foundation database at Morningstar.  Source

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