Top $ Allocations into Hedge Funds for Q3 2009

 $ Allocations into Hedge Funds in Q3 2009

Top $ Allocations into Hedge Funds for Q3 2009

Hedge funds continued to excel in Q3 2009, as total assets rose an estimated 8.73% to $1.948 trillion, a quarterly increase of $156.4 billion. The following is a summary of the top $ allocations into hedge funds for the third quarter of 2009. 

Notable Investor Inflow by Market
  1. Commodity focused funds: Investor allocations increased commodity fund assets by over 9% in Q3 2009
  2. Mortgage bond focused funds: Allocations increased assets 5.8% in Q3 2009
  3. Corporate bond focused funds: Allocations increased assets 5.5% in Q3 2009
  4. Equity related strategies: Allocations increased asset by 3.7% in Q3 2009
Notable investor inflows by Primary Strategy
  1. Statistical Arbitrage: Allocations increased assets 12.6% in Q3 2009
  2. Event Driven: Allocations increased assets 8.4% in Q3 2009
  3. CTA/Managed Futures: Allocations increased assets 3.8% in Q3 2009
  4. Long/Short Equity: Allocations increased assets 3.0% in Q3 2009
  5. Distressed: Allocations increased assets 2.8% in Q3 2009

Notable areas of lagging inflows or outflows
  1. Long Only strategies: Investor redemptions reduced assets 4.2% in Q3 2009.
  2. Eastern Europe: Investor redemptions reduced assets 5.8% in Q3 2009, primarily due to outflows in July. Flows in August and September were positive.
  3. Energy Sector: Investor redemptions reduced assets 1.7% in Q3 2009. Here too, flow trends turned positive in August and September.
  4. Multi-Strategy: Flows have been mixed, with redemptions slightly outpacing new allocations in Q3. Investors appear more comfortable allocating directly to more focused strategies.
  5. Convertible Arbitrage: Despite positive performance, investor allocations have not been strong enough to outpace redemptions in Q3.

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