K1 Hedge Fund Founder Arrested

K1 Hedge Fund Founder Arrested

Founder of Germany's K1 Arrested in Fraud Probe

Helmut Kiener, the founder of K1, has been arrested by German authorities in a large fraud probe concerning a Caribbean-based fund that he managed.  Investigators are looking into Kiener over charges of fraud and breach of trust. 

According to the arrest warrant, "Barclays and BNP Paribas may have lost millions of dollars in the case, which prosecutors say spanned the Atlantic and featured lavish personal spending on planes, a helicopter and luxury properties."
"There is a suspicion that the 50-year-old suspect did not comply with investment guidelines agreed with an English and a French bank among others and has used several millions in funds contrary to agreements," prosecutors said in a statement.

The case centres on the K1 Global Sub Trust hedge fund run by Kiener, a psychologist by training who once sold ads for the Yellow Pages in Germany before moving into the financial sector.

Barclays may have lost most of the nearly $220 million (133 million pounds) it invested with the fund, authorities said.

"If Barclays had known of the suspect's plans, it would not have provided the K1 Global Sub Trust any funds for investment between 2006 and 2009," the arrest warrant seen by Reuters says, adding the funds "are mostly lost as far as we now know".  Source

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