European Central Bank

European Central Bank

Euro Central Bank Warns Against Regulating Hedge Funds

The European Central Bank (ECB) is cautioning against plans by the European Union to regulate hedge funds and private equity firms.  The ECB warned that the regulation could put EU companies at a disadvantage.  To read more about the proposed Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers see this article.

"The ECB supports the intention to provide a harmonised regulatory and supervisory framework for the activities of alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs) in the European Union," it said in an opinion requested by the Council of the European Union.
But the central bank warned that if other countries did not adhere to a common approach, hedge funds could shop around for a new home where they would be subject to fewer controls.
"An internationally coordinated response is necessary given the highly international nature of the industry and the consequent risks of regulatory arbitrage and evasion," the bank said.
The proposed EU rules are an attempt to regulate managers of so-called alternative investment funds sold into the EU, but critics say the rules would increase protectionism and simply incite hedge funds to move elsewhere.  Source

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