Recorded Phone Call, Workbook & Video

Recorded Call, Workbook & Video

Today we are recording a phone call for Hedge Fund Premium with a leading hedge fund auditor in Chicago, we will be discussing hedge fund industry auditing requirements, trends, costs, and the overall process of having your fund returns audited. This will be available in MP3 format on our website starting Monday.

Theo on our team is working on improving our Career Workbook which will be available on the website starting Monday and I am recording a new video capital raising strategies.

On Monday we will open and the first 1,000 professionals to join will gain access to our resources for just $1 with ongoing membership at the regular $27/month. In exchange for this membership we provide networking events and 13 additional premium hedge fund tools including a weekly video HedgeCast, Video Book Reviews, Capital Raiser Pro Videos, a Career Workbook, and the Marketing Materializer Tool.

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