Hedge Me Claude Schwab

Hedge Me Claude Schwab

Overview of Hedge Me by Claude Schwab

Hedge Me by Claude Schwab is a brilliant book which provides the reader insights about the hedge fund career in U.S.

Hedge Funds

In the chapter Hedge funds the author explains the following

  • Defines what a hedge fund does
  • Explains the various investment strategies followed by fund houses.
  • Categories the top 25 hedge funds based on the AUM and top 10 hedge fund cities based the equity assets managed
  • Online resources where one can find the recent updates happening in hedge fund industry


The author discusses the qualities which an individual should possess for clearing the first round of interviews. Moreover he explains the reader what kind of positions are available for analysts within the industry and the expertise which the employer would seek.

In addition, one can get a glimpse at the types of questions one might face in an interview. Interview do's and do not's are provided. He also pinpoints the qualities a fund manager expects from a candidate for a specific investment strategy.


In this chapter, one finds a list of recruiters that is extremely useful for job seekers.


The author presents the reader with copies of resumes from all levels of experience--from the inexperienced to the seasoned candidate. Each resume shown is prepared for a particular kind of investment strategy. So that one can get a clear idea of how one’s resume should look like when applying for those kind of positions.


The following are discussed

  • How stable the career would be and what would be the underlying factors which determine your career
  • Growth opportunities within the industry or what would be the career path of an individual

Compensation Structure

Following are the factors which would determine one’s compensation package:

  • Years of experience
  • Performance of the fund
  • Individual’s performance
  • Assets under management

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