Hedge Funds Hiring

Hedge Funds Hiring

Hedge Funds Starting to Hire Again

Hedge funds and other financial firms have slowed hiring during the recession, but hedge funds have started to take on new employees again. Hedge funds seem to be targeting the talented managers and traders who were pushed out in the economic downturn.

Amidst an apparent recovery in the hedge fund industry and new investment opportunities funds have started to hire again especially marketing executives, operations employees and fund managers with experience in popular trading strategies. Hedge funds who have recently hired include: Citadel, RBC Capital Markets, Artradis and Tribridge.

"Volume (of job placements) is up threefold from the first quarter ... The number one role is marketing," Olman said, noting activity had picked up in distressed debt and credit, equity long-short and global macro specialists.

"Surprisingly, U.S. equity statistical arbitrage and systematic trading are hiring," he added.

"Anecdotally it really feels like things have turned. There seem to be a lot more people looking for staff," said Odi Lahav, vice president at Moody's alternative investment group.

"For many funds, performance is up and more managers are looking towards growth again. So, after having cut a lot of staff around the end of last year, they're now looking to restaff in areas they think are worthwhile."

"A lot of highly talented people, who were dislocated by the downturn in the banks, have been picked up," Olman said. Read more...

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