Hedge Funds Up 9%

Hedge Funds Up 9%

Hedge Funds Up 9% | Performance Update

2008 was a tough year for hedge funds but the industry has rebounded in the first half of this year. Hedge funds returns have improved by more than 9% with a 0.23% in June. Mortgage hedge funds performed the best in the last six months, followed by healthcare funds, capital structure arbitrage, and then convertible arbitrage.

Just a small handful of strategies tracked by HedgeFund.net were in the red last month. The worst-performers were energy hedge funds (down 1.53% in June, up 19.88% YTD), CTAs and managed futures funds (down 1.49%, up 0.31% YTD) and short-bias funds (down 1.46%, down 7.39% YTD).

Funds of hedge funds added 0.23% (4.17% YTD).

All of HFN’s regional averages were up in June save two. Latin America funds added 1.46% (22.06% YTD), Asia funds 1.29% (13.41% YTD) and Middle East and North Africa funds 1.09% (12.06% YTD). In particular, hedge funds focused on Australia and China soared on the month, returning 3.98% (12.02% YTD) and 3.46% (21.75% YTD), respectively. Source

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