Hedge Funds for Retail Investors

Hedge Funds for Retail Investors

A Form of Hedge Funds for the Retail Investor

There are now mutual funds that use similar strategies as hedge funds and are actually managed by hedge funds. The new funds offer non-accredited investors the opportunity to invest with some of the top hedge funds but with lower risk and a smaller reward. So far, the funds are not performing anywhere near the outstanding returns that some of the top hedge funds are producing, but they also use less leverage and have less exposure than the average hedge fund.

While they may not be performing like actual hedge funds, this version of mutual funds gives diversification to the alternative investor and a little more risk for the traditional investor. The four funds that have been around since 2008 "handily beat" the S&P 500. The following video covers these "retail hedge funds."

For another article on retail hedge funds, see Retail Hedge Funds.

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