Hedge Fund Training & Certification Program

Hedge Fund Training & Certification Program

Today on July 15th, 2009 at 2PM EST the CHP Designation opens for registration to an additional 200 professionals for the Fall 2009 Session.

Below are a number of testimonials direct from current and past participants within the CHP Designation Program. These quotes offer insight into why others in similar situations are registering for this program.

Testimonial #1: Andy R. | Hedge Fund Manager

"As a former Hedge Fund manager, looking to launch a new fund in the next year, I was intrigued by the prospect of increasing my knowledge and understanding of a variety of platforms, strategies, and new regulations that are likely to come through the CHP. I believe that this designation is a long overdue way to separate the wheat from the chaff in an industry that, while currently in a down cycle, will remain as an integral component for financial planning and asset allocation in the future."

Testimonial #2: B.R. Aravind | Hedge Fund Associate

Transcript from Video Above: "To start with my objective was to work for a hedge fund manage a portfolio of my own a few years from now. While I was trying to learn the basics of the hedge fund industry I found the certification program ran by the Hedge Fund Group (HFG). This lead me to enroll into this hedge fund certification program they provided many helpful internship and career related articles. This gave me the right exposure on the industry and eventually got me an internship with the Hedge Fund Group. During this internship I was given many responsibilities on hedge funds, due diligence they use, risk management processes they use and holdings analysis work using SEC 13F Holdings filings. I am working with the Hedge Fund Group (HFG) to help provide a platform of working with hedge fund managers further throughout the rest of my career. Thank you"

Testimonial #3: Technical Analyst For Wachovia | Sumeer Kapila, Level 1 CHP, CFA Level 3 Candidate

"CHP designation is focused program. A program which details and provide inside information of hedge fund industry standards and strategies. The study guide provide you the rules of the game keeping you informed about the legal and regulatory perspective.
This program helps you to keep the integrity of the market by raising industry standards".

Testimonial #4: Job Title: Hedge Fund Manager

Why are you earning the CHP Designation? "I have been tracking the develop of this designation for several months now and now that I'm running my own hedge fund I need more of a broad base of hedge fund industry knowledge. In the past as a trader I have learned a lot about investing and alternative asset types but I'm completing this course to learn more about the structure and direction of the industry."

Testimonial #5 J.P.: Hedge Fund Manager (Partner)

"Among the critical reasons I joined a hedge fund are the minimization of bureaucracy, an innovation-friendly environment, and the community of intellectual and self-motivated individuals. To me, the Hedge Fund Group and now the CHP designation embody these principles and will come to represent a unique brand of individuals in the hedge fund space."

Testimonial #6: Nick Asmus | Equities Trader

Transcripted Text: "The hedge fund industry is becoming more popular every day and more competitive as well. This is why I believe the hedge fund certification program is a good way to show potential employers that you are dedicated to the industry. In college I ran the financial management association, after that I worked as a financial analyst and now I have been an equity trader for three years. For me it makes sense to show how I serious I am about learning about hedge funds, the CHP provides a great intensity of focus on hedge funds showing you are interested in the industry and driven to succeed. Most importantly it shows that you really are driven and you know the knowledge, you have a good foundation of basic hedge fund principles and in Level 2 of the CHP you can get more in-depth and show where your expertise is based, I recommend this program to everyone".

Testimonial #7: Marc Oliver

"I have over 20+ years in the financial market industry with 15 securities licenses as well as other designation which includes FINRA Arbitration/ Mediation Panelist. Additionally, I am or have been a member of various industry related regulatory groups. Most notably, I have been on the Regulatory/ Compliance side in the financial Market for the last 11 years, having even served as Head of Compliance, with an emphasis towards providing regulatory oversight for trade compliance (Listed/ NASDAQ/ Program Trading). My objective going forward is to focus on Hedge Fund Compliance oversight and though I am currently pursuing my Juris Doctorate I believe that the CHP designation would give the proper foundation as well professional accreditation coupled with my current investment advisory experience for such a career transition."

Testimonial #8: Private Wealth Management Executive, CHP Level 1 Fall 2008

“The Hedge Fund Group stands at the forefront of our industry’s progressive growth, providing a designation which will prove invaluable and recognizable world-wide. With impeccable timing, the Certified Head Fund Professional (CHP) designation is emerging into the best buyers’ market of our lifetimes. In this CFP and CFA jungle, mark yourself with the CHP and become a distinct industry leader. Treat yourself as an investment in an emerging market and enjoy reaping the rewards of your future. In the world of alternative investments, there’s no substitute for the CHP designation.”

Testimonial #9: Dominic Di Bernardo - Student

"I am taking this hedge fund certification program to expand my knowledge base of the hedge fund industry (There is little learned in school about this industry). I also believe that this designation will give me an edge over others trying to enter the industry. And lastly I believe that I will be able to gain valuable contacts through this programs website, other designation candidates, and anyone else that stands behind this designation".

Testimonial #10 Chai Foong: Algorithmic Forex Market Trader

Transcript of video above: "I am a algorithmic trader for the forex markes. I have been searching for a training program related to the markets and hedge funds but I could not find any suitable until a firend told me about the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Exam. This program helps me build credibility in the market place and adds to my relevant experience in the field. I believe the CHP is what is needed to step inside the hedge fund industry".

Testimonial #11: Professional Placement Agent for Hedge Funds

“The Hedge Fund Group (HFG) has been fabulous. They answer every question quickly, accurately and professionally. It’s this stuff that, quite simply, builds credibility. For once I'm actually studying something

Testimonial #12: Derivative/Technical analyst for a leading broking firm

"The CHP program is of the best courses I could find in the market for someone who wants to enter the world of alternative investments. Not only is the course vigorous and up to date, but they also help you with access to industry recruiters for career advice and job opportunities. Another reason I registered was so that I could build my contacts in the investment world through the Hedge Fund Group. To me the value was in the complete package for a successful career in the field of alternative investments."

Testimonial #13: Algorithmic Trader for a Private Capital Group

"I am an algorithmic trading software developer working for a capital
firm. I have been doing just-in-time learning all the time, in an
undisciplined fashion. I think the goal of achieving a CHP Designation
would enforce a formal approach to my education in this dynamic field.
Besides, in my readings, I am hitting areas and terms I did not know,
like - Tranches etc. CHP Designation would give me the confidence of a
firm background knowledge, in pursuing my career."

Testimonial #14: Bob Beller Executive Vice President at a Financial Advisory Firm

"I’ve been involved in all aspects of the financial services industry over the past twenty-five years – legal and compliance, commodity pool owner and operator, hedge fund-of-funds principal and operator, domestic and international…you name it. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years it’s that no business and no individual entrepreneur can sustain success over time without integrity and objective standards through which to measure core competence. Integrity comes from within. Objective standards are established by progressive thinkers. For me, the concept of CHP Designation is at the cutting edge of an industry that requires more uniform and measurable standards. That’s where I want to be for people I represent and that’s exactly what I want to pass along to people I mentor. Timing is everything."

Testimonial #15: Jennifer Hrabik | Wealth Management Associate

"Early on in my finance career I recognized I am very interested in alternatives and knew that learning more about this area would give me a competitive edge. I researched programs and found the CHP Designation to be the best as it also provides networking and mentor opportunities. It excites me that the program is new and I can be one of the first in the industry to earn this designation. I also like the two level approach. Level one provides a thorough overview of the hedge fund industry while level two focuses on training for a specific role. For someone just a few years into their career, level two is really helpful in narrowing down what you want to "major" in."

Testimonial #16 Soumen Gopal.: Hedge Fund Manager (Partner)

Transcript of Video Above: "There are three reasons why I joined this hedge fund certification program. The first reason is the focus, this program is focused very deeply on the hedge fund industry, performance and investment strategies and this is tailored to my needs. The other important point about this program is the speed of completion, many programs take much longer to complete. The last reason was the networking benefits, you can come out of this program and attend networking events and meet others in the indsutry and this is very helpful."

Note: The H Media Group runs both this website and this hedge fund certification program. This article is being published to announce the opening of registration within this program for Fall 2009. Learn more about the hedge fund certification at http://HedgeFundCertification.com.

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