2009 Hedge Fund Returns

2009 Hedge Fund Returns

First Half 2009 Hedge Fund Returns are 10-Year Best

The hedge fund industry seems to be recovering, as hedge funds to their best first half returns in 10 years. The industry suffered last year amid the financial crisis with big losses leading limited partners to demand their capital back.

According to Hedge Fund Research, hedge fund returns increased by 9.41% in the first six months of 2009, it has been ten years since returns rose so significantly. Back in the first half of 1999 hedge fund returns rose 13.5%. The increase seems to have peaked in June as fund returns only increased by 0.13%, compared to 5.2% in May. May's returns were the best in 10 years and April's the best in 9 years.

The high returns appear to be the result of a stock market recovery from optimism that the end of the recession may be in sight.

The data comes from findings by Hedge Fund Research, a Chicago-based performance and flow tracking firm. Source

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