Harbinger Capital Partners 13F Analysis

Harbinger Capital Partners 13F Analysis

Below please find a 13F analysis report for Clarium Capital for Q1 2009. 13F analyses are reports that fund managers with over $100M are required to submit to the SEC, they are publicly available and these reports provide us with some insights on what some hedge fund managers have been investing in.

Harbinger Capital Partners is a private investment firm specializing in event/distressed strategies. Founded in 2001 with Philip Falcone as the Chief Investment Officer, Harbinger Capital Partners seeks to invest in alpha-generating ideas that are uncorrelated to investment cycles.

As of the most recent 13F filing completed by Harbinger Capital Partners their holdings included:
  • (AAWW) Atlas Air World wide holdings
  • (AKS) AK Steel Holding
  • (CEG) Constellation Energy Group
  • (CLX)Cliffs Natural Resourses
  • (CPN)Calpine Corp
  • (CNX)Console Energy
  • (CVC)Cablevision systems corp
  • (LEAP)Leap wireless International
  • (MIR) Mirant Corp
  • (MDR) Mcdermott International
  • (NAV) Navistar International
  • (NYT)Newyork Times
  • (SKF)Ultrashort Financial Proshares
  • (SUN)Sunoco
  • (SOA) Solutia Inc
Using the Ticker Spy portfolio analysis tool the graph to the left was created showing the approximate equity performance for Harbinger Capital Partners over the previous six months. According to this analysis Harbinger Capital Partners equity picks have underperformed at the start and had eventually been outperforming the S & P 500 recently.

The top 5 highest performing equities which Clarium held as of this 13F filing include (AKS), (AAWW), (CNX), (CPN) and (MDR).

For more information on Harbinger Capital Partners please see the HedgeFundBlogger.com Hedge Fund Tracker Tool.

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