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Pershing Square Capital

Below please find a 13F analysis report for Pershing Square Capital for Q1 2009. 13F analyses are reports that fund managers with over $100M are required to submit to the SEC, they are publicly available and these reports provide us with some insights on what some hedge fund managers have been investing in.

Pershing Square Capital is a $1.925B hedge fund run by William A.Ackman based in Newyork.

As of the most recent 13F filing completed by Pershing Square Capital their holdings included:

  • (AIV) Appartment Investment Management
  • (ALX) Alexanders Inc
  • (BGP) Borders group
  • (EMC) EMC Corporation
  • (GGP) General Growth Properties
  • (GLRE) Greenlight Capital Re
  • (TGT)Target group
  • (V) Visa
  • (WEN)Wendys Arbys Group
  • (YUM) Yum brands

Using the TickerSpy portfolio analysis tool the graph to the left was created showing the approximate equity performance for Pershing Square Capital over the previous six months. According to this analysis Pershing Square Capital’s equity picks have been outperforming the S & P 500 recently.

The top 5 highest performing equities which Pershing Square capital held as of this 13F filing include (ALX), (BGP), (GGP), (AIV), and (YUM).

According to AlpaClone data on Pershing Square capital 59% of their equity portfolio is invested within the Services sector and 35% in technology. Pershing Square Capital has a total number of reported holdings as 10, and over 100% of the market value of this portfolio is represented within the top 10 holdings.

For more information please see the Hedge Fund Tracker Tool profile on Pershing Square Capital.

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