Family Office Growth During Recession

Family Office Growth

Family Office Growth During RecessionMany business dinners over the past 18 months have revolved around the topic of "what does well during a deep recession or depression?" Here is a recent article about how family offices
have benefited from the events within the financial sector over the past few years:

Tumbling markets and redemption waves have been murder on hedge funds, but the turmoil will free up top-tier talent for a quiet but well-heeled corner of the market: family offices.

The world's wealthiest, not content to hand their fortunes to brokers and banks, can afford to build their own money management businesses. These offices, which would never be considered by top fund managers during the go-go years, suddenly look attractive thanks to their stable capital and long-term investment horizon.

"You follow the money. Right now that is leading people to family offices," said Greg Coules, a former hedge fund manager...source

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