Silver Bridge Advisors Multi-Family Office

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Silver Bridge Advisors Multi-Family Office

Silver Bridge Advisors Multi-Family OfficeWhile many family offices have seen their portfolios dive along with the rest of the investing world I believe that many will come out ahead of the pack for their wealthy clients. Many family offices invest 10-60% of their client assets within alternative investments and this must have helped over the past year. The S & P 500 lost 40+ percent in 2008 while hedge funds lost an average of 19%. A few family offices that I have spoken with over the last 6 months are not only weathering the storm, they are expanding.

Here is excerpt from a recent note about Silver Bridge hiring a new family office advisor for their team:

Silver Bridge Advisors, an independent, objective wealth advisory boutique that
provides thoughtful, integrated wealth management solutions, announces the
appointment of Allison L. Taff as Director of Family Office Services. Taff joins
Silver Bridge Advisors from Fidelity Family Office Services where she served as
the Senior Director of Business Development and Marketing.

As the Director of Family Office Services at Silver Bridge Advisors, Taff will
report to Stephen Prostano, President and Chief Operating Officer at Silver
Bridge. She will be responsible for further enhancing the firm`s family office
services platform in collaboration with the technology and operations teams. She
will also work closely with Silver Bridge`s client advisory teams to refine the
service model and client experience for family office clients.

"The wealth management landscape is rapidly evolving both in complexity and
sophistication," says Prostano. "Allison brings a deep expertise in creating
family office solutions that will provide wealthy families with a structure to
manage their wealth effectively and to pass on their legacy to future
generations. She is committed to providing clients with a greater level of
control and peace of mind by centralizing processes and relieving them of the
administrative burden and expense of establishing their own family offices." source

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